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Bass Guitar

Aden is the quiet, weird guy in the band who plays bass and has long hair. His creative mind helps fuel the ideas for songs while keeping everyone engaged. In his words, he "just wants to make noise". His noise, however, provides the groove for the band and deepens their sound. He also drinks a lot of milk. Like, A LOT. His dream is to make music for a living.

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Brady is the passionate vocalist and frontman of ABCD. He enjoys analyzing things and challenging people to take risks and think creatively. He is sensitive, so please make sure you clap after every song. You don’t want to see him cry on stage. It's SUPER annoying. His dream is to improve the lives of others while performing, writing, and producing music.

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Cooper is the drummer for ABCD. He may seem shy initially, but once you get to know him he is energetic, entertaining, and NEVER shuts up. His relentless energy and constant rhythm keep the band going in rehearsal and on stage. He's generally a nice guy; just be sure not to touch his drum set. His dream is to travel the world performing music.

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